TRUFRUT FOOD INDUSTRIES SDN BHD is specialized in manufacturing tropical fruit puree and many others food processing products. Among our main fruits purees include papaya puree, pineapple puree, winter melon puree, honey melon puree and etc. Beside these, fresh strawberry and strawberry purees are also available. Apart from puree products, others processed fruits products such like vinegar drink, vinegar sauce, enzymatic chili sauce and fruit wine are some of our products high in demand. Currently, one of our new products is the Papaya Chips which are made from slices of fresh papaya flesh, then vacuum-fried to retain all the natural flavours, nutrients and colour. Other varieties of chip products available are Starfruit Chips and Jackfruit Chips. In view of the market trend nowadays which are focusing more on natural, nutritious and healthy products, our future objective is to produce more tropical fruits products namely like papaya milk, papaya enzyme and etc.

   Papaya puree

Fruit Purees Processing Chart

Wash the ripe fruits with water.

Peel the skins and remove the seeds.

Put the fruits fresh into machine and grind.

Fruits purees are produced and packing into plastic bag.


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Fruit Purees List

1. PAPAYA PUREE 25 kg per basket
2. PINEAPPLE PUREE 25 kg per basket
3. WINTER MELON PUREE 30 kg per basket
4. WATER MELON PUREE 25 kg per basket
5. HONEY DEW PUREE 25 kg per basket

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